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    (2011 - 2017)

    {{em_rgencia} es un proyecto editorial bajo las licencias Creative Commons (bienes comunes) y Air INC; organizado para la consolidación de espacios de producción intelectual en torno a las confluencias entre arte, política, cultura, economía y diferentes coyunturas sociales. Propende, entre diversos objetivos, por la consolidación de redes transnacionales de intercambio intelectual y creativo, y la reactivación de discusiones interrumpidas por fronteras idiomáticas.

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    (2011 - 2017)

    {{em_rgencia} is an editorial project organized in Colombia by Grupo 029. Focusing on contemporary art the journal is a space for intellectual production. It explores the relationship between art and social, cultural, economic and political issues. {{em_rgencia} have addressed topics such as the state of the art (of art); bicentennial celebrations of independence in the Americas; cultural politics and political cultures;  self-management as an artistic practice, and art + public sphere. Its aim is to consolidate transnational networks of intellectual and creative exchange, as well as enable discussions interrupted by geographical barriers. With this purpose, the group publishes full editions and handouts with peer-reviewed quality on a book-quality free print and web format. These materials are distributed to Spanish-speaking audiences in different countries, under Creative Commons and Air Inc. licenses.

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